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Generate child scope via scene or prefab

How to make an Additive scene a child#

How to set the parent when loading a scene#

You can parent it by specifying a LifetimeScope object before loading the scene.

class SceneLoader{    readonly LifetimeScope parent;
    public SceneLoader(LifetimeScope lifetimeScope)    {        parent = lifetimeScope; // Inject the LifetimeScope to which this class belongs    }
    IEnumerator LoadSceneAsync()    {        // LifetimeScope generated in this block will be parented by `this.lifetimeScope`        using (LifetimeScope.EnqueueParent(parent))        {            // If this scene has a LifetimeScope, its parent will be `parent`.            var loading = SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync("...", LoadSceneMode.Additive);            while (!loading.isDone)            {                yield return null;            }        }    }
    // UniTask example    async UniTask LoadSceneAsync()    {        using (LifetimeScope.EnqueueParent(parent))        {            await SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync("...", LoadSceneMode.Additive);        }    }}

LifetimeScope is a GameObject, so you can also search from the scene.

var parent = LifetimeScope.Find<BaseLifetimeScope>();

How to add additional registers to the next scene#

Often, you may want to add additional Registers to the loaded scenes.

For example, when context is finalized after assets are loaded asynchronously.

In that case you could use:

// LifetimeScopes generated during this block will be additionally Registered.using (LifetimeScope.Enqueue(builder =>{    // Register for the next scene not yet loaded    builder.RegisterInstance(extraInstance);})){    // Loading the scene..}
// Use registration as typeclass FooInstaller : IInstaller{    public void Install(IContainerBuilder builder)    {        builder.Register<ExtraType>(Lifetime.Scoped);    }}
using (LifetimeScope.Enqueue(fooInstaller){    // ... loading scene}
// EnqueueParent() and Enqueue() can be used together.using (LifetimeScope.EnqueueParent(parent))using (LifetimeScope.Enqueue(builder => ...){    // ... loading scene}

How to pre-set the parent in the Inspector#

LifetimeScope can be serialized by specifying the type of parent.

In base scene.

In additional scene.


When the scene becomes "isLoaded" state, an error will occur if the Parent Type set in the inspector is not found.