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Async Container Build

VContainer executes pre-processing such as reflection when building a container. To reduce main thread blocking time for your game:

  1. Set false to LifetimeScope.autoRun
  2. After scene loading, Call LifetimeScope.Build manually.

For example:

var nextScene = await LoadSceneAsync(...);

var lifetimeScope = LifetimeScope.Find<MyLifetimeScope>(nextScene.Scene);

// Your async solution here.
await UniTask.Run(() => lifetimeScope.Build());

⚠️ Unity dependent features such as builder.RegisterComponentInHierarchy() do not work on background threads.

If this causes an error, use Awake instead.

For example:

class GameLifetimeScope : LifetimeScope
Ground groundInScene;

protected override void Awake()
// Run main thread.
groundInScene = FindObjectOfType<Ground>();


protected override void Configure(IContainerBuilder builder)
// This can run on a background thread now.