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Register ScriptableObject

It is useful to register the setting information saved as ScriptableObject Asset as follows.

[Serializable]public class CameraSettings{    public float MoveSpeed = 10f;    public float DefaultDistance = 5f;    public float ZoomMax = 20f;    public float ZoomMin = 5f;}
[Serializable]public class ActorSettings{    public float MoveSpeed = 0.5f;    public float FlyingTime = 2f;    public Vector3 FlyingInitialVelocity =;}
[CreateAssetMenu(fileName = "GameSettings", menuName = "MyGame/Settings")]public class GameSettings : ScriptableObject{    [SerializeField]    public CameraSettings cameraSetting
    [SerializeField]    public ActorSettings actorSettings;}


  • Create GameSettings assets from menu.
  • Register the created asset with LifetimeScope.
public class SomeLifetimeScope : LifetimeScope{    [SerializeField]    GameSettings settings;
    protected override void Configure(IContainerBuilder builder)    {        builder.RegisterInstance(settings.cameraSettings);        builder.RegisterInstance(settings.actorSettings);    }}